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Electric future is here, and we are in the driver’s seat.

What Powers Us

The world is going electric and Euler believes in democratising the revolution. Our innovative mobility solutions are custom made for India. We aim to create superior alternatives to traditional mobility and eradicate barriers for mass adoption of EVs in India.

Our road-ready, sustainable last-mile logistic solutions have already proved their mettle in e-commerce and 3PL businesses. And now we are ready with the next chapter in electric mobility.

Vehicle from Euler motors

Vehicle from Euler motors

Driver/Mechanic Hiring/Training

Driver/Mechanic Hiring/Training

Software Stack

Software Stack

Charging Station + Service + Field Assistance

Charging Station + Service + Field Assistance


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The Story So Far





Q1 2018

It all started with a vision to build a Electric commercial vehicle, 1st factory

Q2 2018

Got our 1st client on board raised 13.2 Crore

Q1 2019


Q2 2019

Battery manufacturing started in factory 2

Q2 2019

200 vehicles deployed

Q2 2019

100 charging stations deployed

Q1 2020

Raised 20 Crore as part of Series A fund

Q2 2020

L5 vehicle registration done & testing initiated

Q1 2021

New L5 vehicle coming soon

Q2 2021

Trusted by Investors

Inventus Capital

Blume Ventures

Jetty Ventures

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Our Team

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